Jakarta, 24 March 2019
by Claudia E. Suharli

The President of Indonesia, Jokowi (Joko Widodo) officially inaugurated the country’s first MRT line in Jakarta. Accompanied by his cabinet ministers and VVIP guests, Jokowi led the inauguration ceremony at Hotel Indonesia traffic circle.

The public can sign up for the MRT free trial run until 31 March, after that, its official commercial operations will commence from 1 April. This mass transportation is bringing a new face as well as new culture to Indonesia by encouraging the public to commute using public transportation, this also highlights a new beginning of a modern city – creating productivity, efficiency and a discipline society.

PT. Aino Indonesia, the payment processing company, is appointed by PT. MRT Jakarta as their system integrator partner in processing electronic payments for e-ticketing of MRT Jakarta. This also supports the National Non Cash Movement by creating an easy, fast and secure payment environment.