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Navigating The Complex Payments Ecosystem in Asia: How to localise & digitise

Find out how NTT DATA discusses with the world's leading travel, hotel chains, and ticketing companies about their biggest headaches when it comes to payments? Watch this webinar organised by Web in Travel (WiT) to see how NTT addresses the complex issues around payments in South-east Asia. Don't miss it. Let us ease your headaches!

Date: 2 June 2021

Location: WiT Virtual Event (Zoom)

Navigating The Complex Payments Ecosystem in Asia: How to localise & digitise

Just throw a dart and we guarantee you will find a pain point within the complex payments landscape in Asia. To name a few: Each country in Asia has a different ecosystem, diversity amongst alternate payment methods gets even more complex within South-east Asia. Then there’s complexity in implementation and regulation around who can issue or acquire, plus integration is also not as standardised like cards over a network. The list goes on. So why bother? Because the opportunities are huge for those who crack it bit by bit, those who know how to solve it piece by piece. As e-commerce moves towards more localisation, how do you localise and digitise payments in South-east Asia across multiple channels, how do you make your system more accessible for your clients and consumers, do you need end-to-end payment management? The way to navigate these complex issues are to ask the right questions of the right people, and to share lessons across the global travel industry.


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